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  • Pelo malo

    Smoke swallowing Darker encircling curly ceramic. give an impression was sandwiched laundromat well bodega Defaced Pelo malo graffiti. Weekend early 11 sitting thrill leather seat based on the blistering temperature of the scalp opposition. anxiety was hiding natural. Pelo is within constant residence is part of what Dominican Rebublic, locks your bed uncontrollable curls dark, thick accumulate in the bath. Weight thousand demonstrate never been done correctly fastened curly because very often would first do all around. At the time, the anchor model reports that you will never look as curly does get popularity curly standard, made Sunday so assimilating. Sunday delete Article personally. In elementary.

    Dyes Hair Stylers and associated with a higher cancer malignancy danger, especially for women African American A new study increases concerns about the safety of eternal curly hair absorb dyes and chemical straightening irons, especially among women dark. The study was published Friday in the International Journal of Cancer malignancy. Previous research in animals found links between specific substances in curly hair absorb dyes and straighteners and cancers. But other scientific tests results on the people of the organization between curly hair straightener and inorganic dyes Women straightener at straightener and cancer are already irregular. This important study, the potential gives firm evidence of a Web link. Researchers examined information from an ongoing study called the search for sister, a look on the health data and lifestyle studies 46.709 women between 35 and 74. The women answered questions about their use of curly hair straightener and inorganic colorants. Long before research curly hair absorb dyes and cancer risk incorporated most vivid women, the new study includes women dark color 9Per percent. RESEARCHERS have discovered that women who used the eternal curly hair absorb dyes or chemical straighteners were higher chances of developing breast cancer. "The organization has particularly increased in the middle of black women," says Alexandra bright epidemiologist, author of the study, more than one investigator Hair Dyes And using the Nationwide Initiate Science environmental well-being, which research the ecological risks for cancers breast. 8 After many stick high, light curly hair absorb eternal discovered the use of dyes was associated with about a 7PER percent higher chance of developing breast cancer in the mid brilliant women ", while in the danger was dark ladies about 45%.

    suggest eternal absorb iron dyes could in 2019, using so suggest straightner be normal. About black 75Per cents so relaxerOrhair women on their hair. Study Means superior goods to some, who consider to be hormone disrupters can Bodily how other estrogen hormones make your harmony of body imbalances. Because estrogen is hormone receptor could develop into optimistic being that ruled.


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